Equine Facilitated Learning - EFL 

What is EFL - Equine facilitated learning?


A basic description would be “Any change in understanding or behavior which occurs as a direct result of being in a relationship with a horse or horses, and through horse related activities”. Working through an experiential approach participants interact with horses to learn critical life skills, developing trust and respect for each other this relationship.

Through a series of guided and planned learning experiences, participants develop their levels of self awareness and gain self confidence.


Who can benefit from this work?


Anyone, who is able to reflect on their own physical and emotional experience. Equine assisted learning (EFL) can help with many areas of our lives and is considered to be especially helpful for those who want to develop personally and increase levels of self awareness.


Equine facilitated learning (EFL) can provide a major benefit for children and young people, in particular those finding the traditional educational settings challenging. Almost all curriculum can be delivered through working with horses through specifically designed activities.


For young people and adults, benefits include increased levels of self-awareness, personal development, building on existing knowledge base, learning new, transferable skills. As well as learning listening skills, leadership & negotiation skills, teamwork & motivational and social skills.


Other benefits include:-


  • Learning to problem solve

  • Increase in decision making abilities

  • Challenge and change current attitudes and behaviours

  • Manage emotions more effectively

  • Understand and improve communication skills

  • Develop confidence and self acceptance

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